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    Tuesday, October 02, 2007

    Tom O'Brien Weekly Media Meeting

    Excerpts From NC State Head Coach Tom O'Brien's Weekly Meeting With The Media:

    On Xavier Lee starting for FSU:

    I don't think that comes as a great surprise after watching the tape especially the second half of the Alabama game. It seems to me that they have more called plays for him, that he is an integral part of offense in terms of running the ball, than they do for Drew Weatherford as a quarterback. You have to prepare for him in the running game not only the passing game.

    On the FSU defense after some personnel changes:

    It looks the same as the last two years we've played them. They haven't changed anything systematically. They're the same, it doesn't matter what numbers in there or who's in there they all play the same way, they've all been trained the same way. Coach Andrews does a great job with their defense. They are playing very well right now.

    On if the injury situation has reached a critical point:

    We're getting awfully short, but that's the way it is. Can't do anything about it except get out there and work as hard as we can with the guys who are healthy.

    On talking to the players about facing Chuck Amato this weekend:

    We talked a little bit Sunday. I think it's a similar situation to what I had when I went back to Boston College. I think their kids handled it well as I said to our guys. Before the game it's all about the game and business and then once the game is over and you want to go visit that's the perfect time to do it.

    On his confidence level in Daniel Evans who will be the starting QB for FSU in place of injured QB Harrison Beck:

    I never lost confidence in him. It was a question of who we thought was the best quarterback. We thought that Harrison gave us the best opportunity to win after watching the tape of Central Florida. We didn't make that change because we lost confidence in Daniel at all.

    On if Evans should be more confidence after having success last year versus Florida State:

    I would think so if I were him but he is better served to answer that question. We prepare each and every week for each and every team. I don't go back to what happened last year.

    On his thoughts about what Chuck Amato did at NC State:

    I think he had some great years here. He had some great players. He had a lot of kids that were drafted and played. DeMario is a great kid and great player here. There were a lot of good things that Chuck did here.

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