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    Wednesday, September 24, 2008

    " They have a ton of talent and a ton of speed."

    Colorado head football coach Dan Hawkins held his Florida State week press luncheon Tuesday previewing Saturday's game against the Seminoles. The following are excerpts from the session:

    On Florida State’s Offense:
    "They have a ton of talent and a ton of speed. They’re just trying to get everybody on the same page. Anytime you break in a new quarterback or quarterbacks there’s going to be some issues there. I know they’re a little younger up front, but they have a ton of talent. They’re just working hard on getting everybody on the same page and we know how that feels.”

    On making it to 500 games like Coach Bowden:
    " I think if you added up every basketball, baseball, softball, rec. league, every game I have ever been in, I think it would probably add up to about 300. It’s an amazing feat. I’m one of those guys who never says never, but I think as the years go on, you’re going to see that become very hard to do anymore, I really do.”

    On Recruiting In the State of Florida:

    " We’re going to continue to keep recruiting down there; there’s a lot of players down there. It’s always just about finding the right guy, the right fit. Sometimes you find the guy who wants a change, he wants to do something different, he wants to get out of the box, wants to see another part of the world. Every kid is different; some definitely want to stay home, they like it or there’s family there, or comfort level, whatever it is. So it’s just about finding that right kid that says, ‘Yeah, I’m looking for change and I want to go; I like Colorado and I like what you guys are all about.”

    On Young Players Being Star-Struck When Playing Florida State:
    " I don’t think so, and I think that’s the benefit of playing the schedule that we play; playing in Invesco, playing on television, playing West Virginia. We always talk about just having your ‘A’ game on in life everyday, and the way they look at it is that it’s just Colorado football. We’re going to travel, play on the national stage, play the good team; they just look at it as being Colorado football.

    On Rodney Stewart’s Playing Time Against West Virginia and the Other Tailbacks:
    " He was hot and doing well, he was in rhythm and making some good runs; his confidence level was up and he stayed with it. The ultimate scenario is that we have all of those guys working in there a little bit. As Darrell (Scott) continues to get confidence and his body is good to go, his mind is good to go, you’re going to see him have some unbelievable days. I still think there’s a role and a place in there for Kevin (Moyd) and Demetrius (Sumler).”

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