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    Saturday, December 09, 2006

    FSU Saturday Practice Report: Preparing for UCLA

    • The Florida State football team held its second practice in preparation for its meeting with UCLA in the Emerald Bowl on Saturday.

    • The Seminoles practice for 18 periods in shells (helmets & shoulders pads).

    • Florida State will return to the practice field on Saturday, December 16 after the completion of final exams.

    • Senior linebacker Buster Davis was named Second-Team All-America by the Walter Camp Foundation.

    • During pass skeleton, both quarterbacks Drew Weatherford and Xavier Lee where 5-of-7. Weatherford hit De'Cody Fagg on a 20-yard strike and Lee had a 20-yard completion to Greg Carr.

    • Running back Lorenzo Booker had a 10-yard run during 11-on-11

    • Cornerback Tony Carter had an interception during 11-on-11 and linebacker Dekoda Watson recovered a fumble.

    Head Coach Bobby Bowden

    (On the practice):
    "I thought we had a pretty good practice today; not bad. Now they'll have finals. Our next practice will be next Saturday. We were going to practice Friday but we got about 40 kids tied up with finals."

    (On the practice schedule):

    "At least we got a taste (before exams begin). We got to work against some of their defenses and offenses and get a taste of it. Then once we start again Saturday we go right up to the bowl. I sure we went over some of those mistakes we made in that last game."

    (On when the team will put on pads):

    "I'm not sure if we will ease them into it, we might ease them it. We will have them on."

    (On injuries since the game against Florida):

    "We will not have (Joe) Surratt or (Mikhal) Korengay. Both of them had operations. To get them back in the spring we had to go ahead and do it. We will have Holloway, Dunham and a walk-on playing."

    California Native, Running Back Lorenzo Booker

    (On family members attending the Emerald Bowl):
    "My family, extended family, extended-extended family. I am going have about 70 people there. The good thing about it is I am the lone guy from California. I get all the tickets. I don't have to compete with nobody."

    (On his family seeing him play):

    "That's the good thing about it. I came from a great high school and I had a lot of friends there who ended up turning into extended family. I have stayed in touched with everybody through the years. It's not exactly easy to get out here when you are in college and you have jobs. It's down the street about five and half or six hour drive. It beats a six hour flight. It's going to be exciting to walk out of that tunnel to see everybody there again."

    (On playing in California in the bowl game):

    "If we can't play for the national (championship) or BCS, I want to be in California. I really don't get a chance to play in front of my home crowd and like I said the last time I got to do that we went out good (in high school). I scored like five times, 230 yards so hopefully we can repeat."

    (On specific people who will be able at the game):

    "My coaching staff from high school hasn't got a chance to see me live since I've been in college. Those guys will be my coaches for life. It's going to be exciting for them to get to see me play because we went through a lot at St. Bonaventure. Obviously me and a few other guys were able to start something that is still going there. This is the only year they haven't been to the championship since I stepped on the campus which was in 1999. It's going to be special."

    Linebacker Dekoda Watson

    (On the first two days of practice for the Emerald Bowl):
    "The only thing, I think, the problem was the weather. The weather going up and down. I am learning more and more every day. It's looking pretty good."

    (On bowl preparations and looking toward the future):

    "I think, and I have talked to a lot of the freshman, we will have one of the best classes coming through in a positive way. I see a promising future. With as much time as we have played and how much experience we have, I'm not saying I am happy we had all the injuries, but it's a blessing in disguise for the freshman coming in playing a getting prepared for the future."

    (On returning an experienced defensive unit for next season):
    "I think it's going to be a promising future especially with all of the freshman coming back and all of the juniors and seniors that's care coming back. I think it will be a big plus for our future."

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