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    Tuesday, December 12, 2006

    T.K. Toots His Horn

    As we mentioned in a prior post, the Marching Chiefs will not be traveling to the Emerald Bowl. FSU decided that it was too expensive. Never mind that FSU and the Boosters had paid Jeff Bowden $537,000 to resign.

    It seems that T.K. Wetherell has now assigned Athletic Director Dave Hart and College of Music Dean Don Gibson to develop rules for travel given that fact that FSU will be away for seven games next year including going to Colorado.

    One Seminole Booster who comes to all home games is unhappy about no band at the Emerald Bowl saying, "The thing is over money and not about the team anymore and the band. If they took part of Wetherell's pay, and Hart's pay and Bobby Bowden's pay, they could send the band."

    So now T.K. in what is his grand gesture isn't going either. No FSU-paid trustees' trips to the game, and only Lee Hinkle who heads university relations will represent FSU's administration. He added "I'll watch it on TV like everyone else. It's kind of making a statement," Wetherell said. Asked if he'll be criticized for not standing by the team, he said, "If you go, you're damned if you do. If you don't, you're damned too."

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