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    Sunday, September 16, 2007

    Calling Out Players, Jimbo Apologizes, And Large FSU Crowd

    * In his post-game interview with the press, Bobby Bowden said this about Antone Smith. "I didn't think he ran good." Ok, point taken. So when has Bobby ever said something similar about the play of Weatherford? By the way, Drew was 8 for 18, 126 yards, and no TD. Is that a good game coach?

    * FSU's Tony Carter got the first and second interceptions of the year against Colorado. As Bowden pointed out, it's about time and it seems the secondary is not breaking on the ball.

    * De'Cody Fagg continues to disappoint. He had a dropped ball for a sure TD last night.

    * As the ESPN announcers repeated several times last night, Drew Weatherford was not picking up the obvious mismatches with Greg Carr and the much shorter Colorado
    corners. He seems to have trouble reading defenses.

    * Jimbo Fisher said that he would be re-evaluating every aspect of the offense. He also said one of the first things he did following the win against the Buffaloes was apologize to his counterpart, defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews.

    *FSU fans were in attendance in large numbers at the game. There were an estimated 8,000 FSU fans who made the trip to Colorado.

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