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    Friday, September 14, 2007

    CU Fans Serious, Recruiting Tool, And Receiver Essays

    It seems CU fans are real serious about football. The Boulder paper has an article on information about the game on Saturday. One of the things that it advises fans is to "leave your beer and missiles at home."Wow! A drunken fan with a missile could get ugly. It also gives a hotline number for reporting any hooligans. Apparently their rowdy fans are a cut above other schools.


    Colorado is using the game with FSU as a recruiting tool. They expect to have between 10 and 15 recruits with the attraction being Colorado playing a team led by the winningest coach in major college history.

    Sound familiar? Colorado has had problems with its receivers dropping balls so far this season. After their loss last week, Colorado's receivers had to write, in essay form, their explanations of what happened. This was the task receivers coach Eric Kiesau assigned his players during their Monday meeting. Kiesau sought to learn why they dropped so many passes during CU’s loss at Arizona State, and to make sure they realized that if some of those passes were caught, that 33-14 defeat could have been a different story.

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