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    Sunday, September 09, 2007

    Is Major Overhaul Needed?

    As we now start to focus our attentions to the Colorado game, we are left with a feeling of uneasiness in the bottom of our stomachs.

    The less than stellar play of the Noles against UAB is being attributed to having only two days of practice. Ok, then what did Clemson do with the same time to practice? They beat Louisiana Monroe 49-26. Sounds like an excuse to me. We still have to remember that we are playing at home and we are playing a team that got pounded by Michigan State.

    Questions abound for this team. Has Drew Weatherford reached his potential as a player? What about our receiving corps? Do we go with the newer guys that want to play and not take plays off? Will Smith be physically able to go a full season? Will the offensive line gell enough to become a unit that can compete with teams that we will be playing in the near future? And the defense? What is going on with a Mickey Andrews defense that is usually the only part that we don't have to worry about as fans? And let's not forget about penalties. This has been a regular mantra for several years now and yet we continue to make too many costly penalties.

    As stated in a previous post, we are driving a Ford and it now looks like it might need a major overhaul.

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