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    Monday, September 17, 2007

    Monday Morning QB:FSU-Colorado Game

    The win over Colorado was a lot closer than it should have been.The Noles now have two weeks to prepare before playing Alabama in Jacksonville on September 29.

    Offensive Line
    : Offensive line continues to be a work in progress.
    Grade: C-

    Running Game: Running game was not what was anticipated. Smith had a huge run for a TD and that was about it.
    Grade: C

    QB: Weatherford had no TDs and passed for 126 yards. Failed to capitalize on mismatches.
    Grade: C-

    Offensive Coaching: Not sure if this lack of execution or new coaching schemes or what. As Fisher has said, offense was awful. The buck stops with him.
    Grade: C-

    : Receivers did a few good things. Fagg continues to be a mystery. No TDs by receivers.
    Grade: C-

    Defense and Defensive Coaching: Defense was more aggressive and Carter had two ints. Secondary still seems to be not as aggressive as they should be. Defense did let Colorado score.
    Grade: B-

    : When is the problem with penalties ever going to be solved?
    Grade: D

    Special Teams Play: Kicking game was good. Cismesia made three FGs.
    Grade: A

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