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    Monday, September 10, 2007

    Monday Morning QB:FSU-UAB Game

    The Noles win over UAB did not put FSU fans at ease. Now they have to travel out west to take on Colorado.

    Offensive Line: Offensive line was better than in Clemson game. Hopefully the line will continue to improve.
    Grade: B-

    Running Game: Running game was decent. Hopefully Antone Smith will be ok for Colorado game.
    Grade: B+

    : Weatherford had one interception and piled up passing yards against UAB.
    Grade: B+

    Offensive Coaching: Jimbo Fisher must be pulling his hair out. Offense was erratic, penalties were ridiculous, and Fagg is MIA.
    Grade: B

    Receivers: Preston Parker and Richard Goodman were welcome complements to Carr.
    Grade: B

    Defensive Coaching: Defense seems not as cohesive as it usually is. Secondary seems suspect also.
    Grade: B-

    Intangibles: Clock management was better but penaties were awful!
    Grade: D-

    Special Teams Play: Kicking game was good. Cismesia made both FGs.
    Grade: A

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