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    Sunday, September 02, 2007

    My Buys And Sells For FSU-Clemson

    Clemson mascot- A clothed mascot. Give me a break.This mascot looks like he belongs on a children's show. Not as a football mascot. I am selling.

    Clemson home field advantage-Clemson's Death Valley is a tough place to play and hear. This will be real test for younger players. I am buying.

    Jimbo Fisher will have a good offensive game plan- Fisher has the experience. The question will be if Weatherford and others can execute the plan. I am buying.

    Mickey Andrews will have a good defensive scheme- Mickey is one of the best and I believe he will have something special for "Thunder and Lightning." I am buying.

    FSU field goal kicker Cismesia will have good game- Let's hope the game does not come down to a field goal for the Noles. Until I see marked improvement,I am selling.

    Drew Weatherford will not be intercepted- Mmmm...let me think about that one. I will have to wait and see if he has learned about throwing into double coverage. For now I am selling.

    FSU will be able to sack Clemson QB- I think the defense will be able to pressure the Clemson quarterback and get some sacks. I am buying.

    ESPN Will Show Ann Bowden Numerous Times and Mention Bowden Bowl Ad Nauseum- Even Bobby Bowden has said that he is tired of the father-son angle.It is over used. Sadly, I think ESPN is not tired of the same old thing. I am buying.

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