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    Friday, September 07, 2007

    My Buys And Sells For FSU-UAB

    UAB mascot- The current UAB mascot is a green dragon named Blaze. Another clothed mascot. I am selling.

    FSU home field advantage- That is almost all that we have left. I am buying.

    Noles offense will play better- Can it play any worse than it did in the first half against Clemson? I think Fisher will have corrected mistakes. I am buying.

    Drew Weatherford will have good game- Well, I still am unsure about Weatherford. However, I am reluctantly buying.

    Antone Smith will have 100 yards or more- Smith should have a good game against UAB. I am buying.

    Receivers will have decent game- They better have. Dawsey should have them ready to play. I am buying.

    Xavier Lee will play in game-
    This is a game that lends itself to Lee playing. I am buying.

    Noles will score at least 40 points- Michigan State scored over 50 on UAB. I am buying.

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