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    Tuesday, September 04, 2007

    Noles Ambushed 18-24 At Death Valley

    It is very difficult to make broad sweeping judgments after a first game. However, one thing can be said. Our time management and subsequent penalties were absolutely awful! This has to fall on the coaches.

    The second half Noles were obviously much better but it was too little too late. Our receivers were almost missing in action in the game. De'Cody Fagg had a horrible game. This is the same receiver that had been so touted in practices.

    All in all the defense had a decent game especially since they were on the field a lot during the game.

    Drew Weatherford had some decent plays but generally seemed like the same old Drew. His mobility is a problem when a blitz is on or there is a broken play. Not sure if he can improve.

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