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    Saturday, December 29, 2007

    FSU It's Time New Year Wishes

    FSU It's Time 2008 New Year Wishes for FSU Football:

    * For Mickey Andrews- The very best and a few defensive stars especially in the secondary.

    * For FSU running backs coach Dexter Carter- A few big backs that can get yardage and find holes.

    * For receivers coach Lawrence Dawsey- A few receivers to complement Prestion Parker.

    * For Bobby Bowden- The wisdom to know that it's time.

    * For offensive line coach Rick Trickett- A few more good lineman in the 2008 recruiting class.

    * For T.K. Wetherell- Resolve to stop making excuses for Bobby Bowden.

    * For FSU football program- A good report from the NCAA.

    * 2008 recruit class- Players who have character.

    * For Geno Hayes- Let your actions speak for you on the field.

    * Xavier Lee- To get his academics in order and be given a fair shot at QB.

    * Jimbo Fisher- Patience...Patience...Patience.

    * Myron Rolle- A breakout year.

    * Patrick Robinson- As many interceptions as in 2007.

    * FSU booster leadership- A mirror.

    * Black uniforms- Deep storage.

    * FSU fans- A lot to cheer about in 2008.

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