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    Wednesday, December 19, 2007

    "It doesn’t lack any luster for us. "

    Excerpts From Kentucky head coach Rich Brooks press conference on Wednesday:

    On if the issues at Florida State take any luster off the game

    “I can’t speak for outsiders. It doesn’t lack any luster for us. Florida State is still Florida State. It doesn’t matter if somebody is injured or suspended. Usually when you go into a game, unless it’s the first game of the season, you’re going to have players missing. We don’t know who is missing. So, I’m not even going to concern myself with it. We know that we are going to play a very good football team, whether they have all of their people or not. They have other people who can step up and replace them. If you look at the recruiting classes nationally over the last five years or so, I think you’re going to see that Florida State is up there. So if somebody that’s a starter has to step aside, there’s going to be another guy in line ready to go up and play. It will be a very good player. I don’t think it takes any luster out of the game for us at all.”

    On his game plan of how Kentucky will approach the game

    “We’re preparing for Florida State’s offensive system, their defensive system and their special teams execution. Who lines up in those spots, you look at it, but it’s a system you are preparing against. Then you worry about match-ups when match-ups become obvious. We can worry about which guy is there, but we might not have the other guy on film. We don’t know what we’re getting. We might get a better guy. We might be up against a better player. We don’t even know. We’ll prepare for the system, and we’ll have to adjust during the game if somebody is giving us a fit in there that we can’t block very well. We might have to adjust early and as the game goes on, if there is somebody offensively giving us problems that we can’t cover very well one-on-one, then we might have to double-up on him. Those are the kinds of things you have to do when you go through a game and make adjustments anyway.”

    On the routine he’ll implement in Nashville

    “What will change is that we’ll have more time there than we did last year. The game is on the 31st, which is two days later than last year. We report a night later on the 26th, rather than the night of the 25th. We actually have three good practice days. So, it will be like a normal (game) week where we would have practiced Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. It will be a regular practice week, then a Friday walk-through and a Saturday game. That’s kind of the pattern we’ll be in when we get there.”

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