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    Thursday, December 20, 2007

    Twofer For The Holidays

    In the spirit of the holidays, I have a twofer for my "Pie In The Face Award." It goes to two coaches who represent what is wrong with college football today. The first pie goes to Bobby Petrino who slinked out of Atlanta to take the job at Arkansas. He was such a "standup guy" that he left a typed note to the players instead of addressing them before he left. The Hogs are proud today but will they be squealing in the future?

    The second pie goes to new Michigan coach Rich Rodriquez. This is the same Rodriquez who was given a huge contract by West Virginia last year after he apparently flirted with the Bama job. Part of the contract was a buyout clause if he left West Virginia for another school. Now comes word that Rich doesn't want to abide by the contract.

    Rich is now contending that the $4 million buyout clause in his West Virginia contract is null and void because it was under duress or some other excuse that means he does not want to abide by a contract that he was happy with until Michigan came calling. He was happy with the salary increase which was apparently not under duress.

    So take the pies to the face coaches for showing us fans what class and ethics is not.

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