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    Thursday, December 27, 2007

    Head to Head Matchup: Wide Receiver

    Kentucky has a lot of play makers for Wildcat QB Andre Woodson. The Nole secondary will be tested often in the Music City Bowl as the SEC's number one quarterback flings the ball to his gifted receivers.

    6'3" Senior wide receiver Steve Johnson is the leading receiver with 928 yards and 11 TDs. In the last game against Tennessee, Johnson caught six passes for 86 yards and 2 TDs. Johnson has emerged as Andre Woodson’s go-to guy, having caught game-winning TDs vs. Louisville and LSU.

    Close behind Johnson is 6'2" Senior Keenan Burton who has 685 yards and 9 TDs. Kentucky’s Burton has great size and legit timed speed. Scouting reports on him are that he struggles to separate. With every ball he catches it is seemingly contested and he has had his share of drops. Burton may miss his final collegiate game because of a knee injury. He has been battling a sprained ankle since the second game of the season and then incurred the knee strain mid-season vs. Florida.

    Another wide receiver is Junior Dicky Lyons who has 577 yards and 7 TDs. Against Florida, Lyons caught the ball for 124 yards and had 3 TDs. The Wildcats also have their gifted tight end Jacob Tamme. The 6'5" Senior has caught the ball 53 times for 584 yards and 5 TDs.

    The Wildcats have receivers who are tall and have speed which will give the Nole secondary fits. Mickey Andrews will need an excellent game plan to counter the assault by the Wildcat receivers.

    Key Stat: Wildcat wide receiver Steve Johnson is the fourth leading receiver in the SEC for 2007.

    For the Noles. three receivers have done most of the heavy lifting for the Noles this year. Leading the trio is 6'3" Senior wide receiver De' Cody Fagg who has caught 49 balls for 707 yards and 5 TDs. He started out the year slow but in the last four games of the season he has scored a TD in every game with the exception of the Florida game.

    Greg Carr has been a receiver that has baffled Nole fans having gone from 12 TDs in 2006 to having only 3 TDs in 2007. The 6'6" Carr has 696 receiving yards for the year. Carr is averaging over 63 yards a game which ranks him fifth in the ACC for 2007. He has not caught a ball for a TD since the sixth game of the season.

    The third receiver is all everything Preston Parker who has been the offensive player of the year for the Noles. Parker has caught 54 balls for 686 yards and 3 TDs. Parker can make big plays and provide a spark that will be needed in the game.

    Key Stat: The Noles have three receivers ranked in the top 10 of the ACC in yards per game.(Carr, Fagg, and Parker)

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