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    Saturday, December 22, 2007

    "It's not my first rodeo...."

    "I've been through this before. It's not my first rodeo.. "It ain't time to cut and run. ... I ain't never run from a fight, and I ain't running from this one, I guarantee you." (referencing a scandal in 1980 involving a group of players taking televisions from a Maas Brothers department store and one in 1994 when agents treated players to shoes and apparel from a Foot Locker. )
    Bobby Bowden regarding the academic fraud case

    Note: Why is Bobby Bowden being so defiant in his comments? He should be strongly condemning the players that cheated instead of once again attempting to be a martyr. I have yet to hear a strong statement from Bowden regarding the conduct of the players and don't expect to hear one.

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