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    Monday, December 11, 2006

    Florida Has Recruiting Superiority

    The loss of Joe Surratt to injury does not help FSU's chances against UCLA in the Emerald Bowl. He has scored 6 TDs for the year and was an integral part of the blocking for the offense.


    If I were a betting man, I would say that Antone Smith will not play in the Emerald Bowl. This puts a lot of pressure on Lorenzo Booker. He doesn't need anymore pressure given the fact that the offensive line is not very good at blocking for the run.

    The Palm Beach Post today has a piece on recruiting and basically states that Florida is dominating FSU and Miami in the recruiting wars.

    Bobby Bowden in the past has dismissed the recruiting advantage saying that Florida has plenty of great recruits to go around. The problem with that is that more schools are now making forays into Florida. Louisville and Rutgers recruit heavily here. All the ACC teams now recruit here. Butch Davis who has strong ties to south Florida and new NC State head coach Tom O'Brien will be recruiting heavily in Florida. That means less and less quality athletes for FSU especially if the Noles don't turn the program around quickly.

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