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    Thursday, January 04, 2007

    Rick Trickett Teleconference Q&A

    Partial teleconference Q&A with new offensive lines coach Rick Trickett.

    Q: Florida State's running game has struggled the past couple years and West Virginia's has been very successful the past couple years, can you get that thing jump started at Florida State the way it used to be?

    Rick Trickett: If we have got a couple of running backs down there that can run real good then we can. (laughs) I have learned one thing, that it is more the running back sometimes than it is the offensive line. I think it is a combination.

    You have to have a running back that has a feel but you have to have a system and it all has to be coordinated. I was fortunate to have a running back coach (at West Virginia) that we were totally on the same page … I have heard they have real good backs down there and we will find five of them that will get up there in front of somebody and hit somebody in the mouth. Those are the kinds of things – we will get it going. As long as I have got guys up front who are willing to work through the things we ask them to do. We will get the running game going

    Q: Can you talk a little bit about your philosophy and how you coach the offensive line?

    Rick Trickett: Well, I am not a miracle worker, I am a hard worker, and so will be the offensive line. If they are scared of hard work they are going to have a problem. If they are not, they will probably be all-conference. If they are lazy, they are going to have a problem. If they are not, they will probably be an All-American. We are going to work and we are going to get after people. They are going to do it the way I know how to do it. We are going to get hard nosed and people are going to dread seeing us roll into town.

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