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    Friday, January 05, 2007

    Trickett Discusses Challenges Ahead

    Partial teleconference Q&A:

    Have you had the opportunity to digest any of Florida State's personnel up front and the challenge you face ahead?

    Trickett: No, I haven't. I got to watch the (Emerald) bowl game and I thought the offense played very well for the majority of the ball game. . . . We'll take what they got. The main thing is how hard are they willing to work and willingness to put in what it takes to be a champion. We'll find that out soon. The ones that are willing to rise to the front will and the ones that won't will probably slide to the back. We're going to look forward to the challenge and I'm sure there are enough players there. All we need to do if find seven that will really want to play.

    Could you talk more about what you expect to find on the offensive line when you come to Florida State?

    Trickett: What's there is what's there. I saw enough in the bowl game to know there is some talent there. Talent doesn't always mean you are going to be successful. And we've been able to be the No. 2 rushing team in the country here and my Remington Award-winning center, he was a two-star recruit. My starting right tackle, the only offer he had was Lehigh. . . . I'm not into the four stars, five stars, rear admiral kind of guys. I'm looking for football players.

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