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    Tuesday, September 11, 2007

    Noles Hold 24 Period Practice In Preparations For Colorado

    FSU Sports Information excerpts:

    The Seminole football teams was back in full pads Tuesday as the squad went through a 24-period practice, mostly focused on Colorado. Florida State worked on special teams, in position groups defensively and the receivers and quarterbacks spent a good amount of time working with one another. Most of the practice was spent working versus Colorado scout teams. FSU will return to practice Wednesday.


    Former Clemson head coach Danny Ford visited coach Bowden at practice on Tuesday. Ford, who led the Tigers to a National Championship in 1981, was in town to talk to the Tallahassee Quarterback Club.

    Andre Fluellen (defense) and Anthony Houllis (special teams) will be captains once again for the Colorado game. The offense has yet to name its captain for the game.


    The team did 1-v-1 a little differently Tuesday. Instead of lining-up across from one another, the corners lined up behind the receivers in a trailing position.

    Each unit was having its way with the other in different drills running simultaneously on adjacent fields. In 7-on-7 the QB's were having a great period.

    Drew Weatherford and Xavier Lee completed five deep passes. Weatherford hit Greg Carr and Richard Goodman twice each while Lee connected with Rod Owens.

    Next door, during the same period, the defense was dominating pass rush. Andre Fluellen led the way with three wins but Neefy Moffett, Paul Griffin, Justin Mincey and Kendrick Stewart all won multiple battles. Towards the end of the drill the offensive line started to catch up as Will Furlong, Daron Rose, Caz Piurowski, Jacky Claude and Rodney Hudson picked up wins.

    Goal line was pretty even with the ones and twos each scoring on two of four tries. The first team offense got in the first two times on a Charlie Graham TD pass from Weatherford and a Marcus Sims run. The next two plays failed due to a Neefy Moffett sack and a holding penalty that brought back a Jamaal Edwards TD run. The second team started out with a big loss as Roosevelt Lawson had a great tackle behind the line of scrimmage. Lee hit Josh Dobbie for a TD on the next play with big-time pressure from Eli Charles, who was right in the QB's face. After a Seddrick Holloway TD run, Marcus Ball broke up a pass in the endzone.

    Head Coach Bobby Bowden:

    "We came out early today, we thought we were going to get lightning and everything this afternoon, it was predicted, but we didn't get it, that is why we getting through a little bit earlier. Had a pretty good practice.

    About Colorado:

    "It will be a very testy ballgame no doubt about it. And playing out there will be a little bit different. Again, the key to us is we must keep improving. We ain't even close to being able to level off. (Colorado is) just a good solid football team. Pretty big, pretty big and well coached. It's different because you don't know any of them. You're not playing somebody that you know their kids. A lot of unknowns in that regard. (Colorado head coach Dan Hawkins) is very likeable, kind of a country boy. I like him."

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