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    Tuesday, September 11, 2007

    Unlikely FSU Fan At Colorado

    Seems that one of the Colorado football players was an FSU fan as a youngster. Colorado freshman quarterback Cody Hawkins says that "I was definitely a huge Florida State fan". Seminole great Peter Warrick was his favorite player for the way he made plays. CU coach Dan Hawkins recalled his son wearing a Florida State cap as a youngster. "He was a big 'Noles fan. They were a good team. And he liked their uniforms."


    CU head coach Dan Hawkins mentioned Bobby Bowden's program during Monday's Big 12 teleconference with the media.

    He credited Bowden with being an innovator in the college game, including his penchant for trick plays and taking risks, a coaching trait that Hawkins shares. "(Bowden) was taking a lot of those shots early on," Hawkins said. "And as he was building that program, he had to take some of those (risks) to get where you want to go."

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