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    Wednesday, December 05, 2007

    Will Fisher Be Designated Successor?

    The continuing saga of Bobby Bowden's contract continues. A press conference has now been scheduled for next Monday at 11:30 a.m. regarding the contract details and coaching situation.

    According to The Orlando Sentinel, a source has told the paper that "there’s an agreement in principle" to designate Jimbo Fisher as Bowden's successor. The source also told the paper that deal could also fall through. In addition, ESPN is reporting that FSU will announce that Fisher has agreed to a three-year deal that will pay him just under $1 million per year and will be named the coach after that time.

    There is speculation that Bobby Bowden does not want anyone designated as a successor and is not ready to give up the coaching reins anytime soon.

    Bowden last week agreed to a 1-year contract extension that will pay him $2.5 million per season and includes a payment of $1 million bonus upon his retirement. FSU officials have told the Sentinel Bowden can remain FSU's coach for as long as he wishes.

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