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    Monday, January 01, 2007

    Monday Morning QB: FSU-UCLA

    FSU rallied in the Emerald Bowl and beat UCLA 44-27 to preserve their thirty year season winning streak.

    Bobby Bowden Coaching: The CEO at least did things a little different with Booker in the slot and running the ball more.

    Grade: B

    Running Game: Booker had a heckuva game in his last game as a Nole. Makes you wonder why this hadn't happened all year.

    Grade: A

    QB: Drew Weatherford was typical Drew but he had the pass plays that were needed at the critical time.


    Offensive Coaching: Jeffie at least did some things better than we had seen all year.


    Receivers: Greg Carr had the catches and the TDs that were needed.


    Defensive Coaching:Defense looked off balance in the first half but came back strong in the second.

    Grade: B+

    Intangibles/Special Teams Play: Penalties and coverage of kickoffs were a problem but the field goal kicking was good.


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