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    Saturday, October 04, 2008

    Noles Reign Over Canes 41-39

    There is one universal truth regarding games between FSU and Miami. Nothing is ever easy and never take anything for granted. This game for Nole fans looked like "Nightmare On Elm Street" Part Two.

    Despite rain throughout most of the game, the Noles in the first half looked unstoppable and were up 24-3 going into the second half. Christian Ponder with the exception of a dumb throw for an interception and a Miami TD late in the game played great. He looked a lot more confident and poised than he did in either the Wake or Colorado games. And kudos to the defense for another great game.

    Special teams play by the Noles went from great in the Colorado game to dreadful against Miami. The score was made too close by excessive penalties, horrible special teams play, turnovers, and giving Miami good field position.

    But then again this was FSU-Miami. What else is new?

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