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    Monday, October 06, 2008

    Offensive Line Makes Statement Against Canes

    What a difference a week makes. Ponder looked good and special teams went from the penthouse to the outhouse:

    Offensive Line
    : What can you say about the job that Rick Trickett and his offensive line did against the Canes? Behind the offensive line, FSU ran for 281 yards. In addition, they allowed no sacks. An excellent effort by the O-line.
    Grade: A

    Running Game
    : Antone Smith had another great game that saw him rush for 92 yards and 4 TDs. I was particularly impressed with the running of Jermaine Thomas.
    Grade: A

    QB: If you look at Ponder's stats, they are not impressive in that he threw two interceptions and had a so so passing day. However, he was poised and had critical runs during the game.
    Grade: B+

    Offensive Coaching: Fisher for the most part had a good game plan for the Canes. I think a few play calls were questionable and if the Noles had lost, he would be getting some heat.
    Grade: B+

    Receivers: Receivers dropped too many balls and still don't seem to be performing at their potential. Carr did have a great catch for a TD.
    Grade: B

    Defense and Defensive Coaching
    : Mickey Andrews had another great defensive game plan for the Canes. The defense held Miami to 51 rushing yards which I didn't think was possible. Defense had two sacks,three interceptions, and the secondary played best game so far this season.
    Grade: A

    Penalties: This is a broken record and unless the coaches get this under control, FSU will lose a game because of them.
    Grade: F

    Special Teams: I am separating the field goal unit out from the special teams. This was an awful showing by the special teams unit. Poor snaps on the punting unit plus not being able to contain Miami's Travis Benjamin was a poor effort by the unit.
    Grade: D

    Kicking Game: Graham Gano did what he needed. He was perfect on extra points and the two field goals which included a 53-yarder.
    Grade: A


    Calico Jack said...

    QB is a C- at best and closer to a D. Ponder cannot pass. He might grow into the role (ala DW) but right now he looks like Rix without the "make something out of nothing" mentality that got Rix in so much trouble. My guess is that Jimbo is keeping him in thee because he views this year a a throw-away year.

    Special Teams is an F-. Dreadful performance. Can't cover on kickoffs and can't get a punt off.

    Nausea - A+ - After watching the offense do its best to give the game away, I knew I was going to be sick at the end of the 3rd quarter. Thank goodness we have Andrews.

    tallynolefan said...

    I am not totally sold on Ponder but I think he did manage the game a lot better than he has. Remember this was only his fifth start. Do you remember how bad Charlie Ward looked and how many interceptions he had early in his career? My point is that Ponder is on a huge learning curve. Let's see if he continues to improve. I agree regarding the special teams and Mickey Andrews. Andrew is never given the credit he so deserves.