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    Friday, December 26, 2008

    Badgers Do Walk Through

    Wisconsin Athletic Communications Excerpts:

    Breakdown: With just one day left before the Champs Sports Bowl, the Badgers had a light walk through on the practice field, lasting a little more than an hour. The team wore their game jerseys with their Champs Sports Bowl patches on the fronts and shorts (no pads). The practice started with stretching and some special teams work then the offense and defense ran through some plays.

    Play of the day (offense): With not a whole lot of action during the walk through, the play of the day goes to the five offensive lineman who were playing “handball” with a football as they stretched in a circle. Basically they just hit the ball to each other to try and prevent it from going outside the circle.

    Play of the day (defense): This took place earlier in the day at the Champs Sports Bowl Kickoff Luncheon. Linebacker Elijah Hodge busted some sweet moves while Jason Chapman and Josh Neal provided the beats.

    Keeping the traditions going: Before the game, Florida State’s mascot will take the field on his horse with his spear and throw it into the ground. In turn, between the third and fourth quarters, “Jump Around” will play over the loud speakers. And, as per usual, tomorrow’s game will have Five Quarters.

    Note: For FSU fans, "Jump Around" is a Badger tradition begun in 1998. It is the playing of “Jump Around” by the House of Pain between the third and fourth quarter.

    And the Fifth Quarter is the Wisconsin band and its post-game celebration.Win or lose, fans sing, dance and cheer with the band as they play traditional favorites, like 'On, Wisconsin' and the Bud song. Gee, sounds like fun.

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