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    Tuesday, December 02, 2008

    The Jag Has Best Coaching Performance In Atlantic Division

    So now that the regular ACC season has ended, how would I rank the ACC Atlantic Division head coaches' performance for 2008? Here are my rankings:

    1.Jeff Jagodzinski- Boston College's head coach has now taken BC to its second straight ACC championship game. Under Jagodzinski, the Eagles went 9-3 and 5-3 in ACC including a win against the Noles in Tallahassee. They won their last two games of the year without their starting quarterback.

    2.Tom O'Brien- NC State's O'Brien had a ton of injuries this year as his team lost four in a row but won their last four games including a win over Miami last Saturday to end the season at 6-6. He is a good coach who will have the Pack back sooner rather than later.

    3.Bobby Bowden/Jimbo Fisher- Under the duo, the Noles improved by one win from last year. They were in the ACC division race until the end and had wins over Virginia Tech, Miami, and Clemson.

    4.Ralph Friedgen- Under Friedgen this year, Maryland was an enigma. They had wins over Cal and Clemson but lost to Middle Tennessee State. They lost their last two games of the season.

    5.Jim Grobe- Wake's Grobe was an underperformer this year. He had some injuries but who doesn't? They won seven games this year with losses against Navy and lost two in a row at the end of the year to NC State and BC before winning their last against Vandy.

    6.Tommy Bowden/Dabo Swinney- Blame Clemson's Bowden for most of this. Tommy Bowden for years has been known as choking and losing the big ones and this year was no exception.

    Clemson at the start of the season was ranked in the top 10 and was predicted to win the ACC championship. They were blown out in their opener by Bama and lost three in a row to Maryland, Wake, and Georgia Tech.

    Bowden stepped down and Dabo Swinney took over. He finished the season with a surprising win over South Carolina and a 7-5 record. Swinney was rewarded with being hired as the new Clemson head coach.

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