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    Saturday, December 27, 2008

    Noles Convert Badger Turnovers

    First Downs: FSU- 23 Wisconsin- 16

    Net Yards Rushing: FSU- 134 Wisconsin- 201

    Net Yards Passing: FSU- 276 Wisconsin- 132

    Yards Penalized: FSU- 85 Wisconsin- 25

    Third Down Conversions: FSU- 10/17 (59 %) Wisconsin- 2/10 (20 %)

    Fumbles Lost: FSU- 0 Wisconsin- 3

    Interceptions Thrown: FSU- 0 Wisconsin- 0

    Field Goals: FSU-0-0 Wisconsin- 2-2


    Eric said...

    Great way to finish the season! We pretty much did what needed to be done across the board - Gano was a monster as always (punts rather than FGs this time, but field position was crucial), defense created big plays & TDs, Ponder didn't throw any INTs & played respectably, receivers (especially Carr) made some key plays, and the running game produced when it needed to. I wish we'd brought a balanced & effective game like this all year...then again, we didn't play Wisconsin each week either. Makes me happy after reading some of the trash talking the Badger folks were doing. Go Noles!

    tallynolefan said...

    Eric, it was a game that was needed. Gano is as they call him "Money." We will be watching him on Sundays next year. What a talent. Ponder played better but I think he will be challenged for the starting position by E.J. Manuel in 2009. Go Noles!