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    Wednesday, December 03, 2008

    Know What You Can Do With Your Policy?

    As has been reported,the Noles may be playing Wisconsin in the Champs Sports Bowl. Wisconsin in the past has said they would never play the Noles because of their American Indian mascot and logo.

    Anyone familiar with the University of Wisconsin knows that this institution is known for its strict adherence to political correctness. One example of this is the university policy regarding playing teams with American Indian mascots or logos. The policy prohibits the school from playing any teams with those mascots or logos. According to UW, "... the university Athletic Board created the policy... for scheduling non-conference games."

    However, bowl games are different according to the policy. The policy states, "In games over which we have no control with scheduling, like the NCAA tournament or a bowl game, the policy is not in effect." You just have to love a school that is so principled except when it comes to money.

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