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    Wednesday, December 24, 2008

    Noles Go All Out In Day Two Practice In Orlando

    FSU Sports Information Excerpts:

    The goal for the Seminole coaching staff going into any game is to keep the week as routine as possible. Even if the city and practice fields are different, the process stays the same. That is fairly easy to do for the Champs Sports Bowl since the game will be played on a Saturday. That meant Tuesday’s practice at McCracken Field was just like a Tuesday practice in Tallahassee. The team spent 18 periods in full pads with a majority of the time spent focused on their opponent, the Wisconsin Badgers.

    Head Coach Bobby Bowden:

    About Everette Brown being double-teamed this year:

    “You have to earn that. They’re not going to chip you unless they’re scared of you. This is his third year of playing and now it’s starting to happen to him and he’s going to find out what the real world is like. It’s a part of growing up, it’s a part of getting better and people saying we better put a couple of people on him.”

    About his friendly competition with Joe Paterno:

    “Who said it was friendly? (laughs). Well, it’s there and it’s an amazing thing. It’s something you never count on. In another words, when I got into coaching and I’m sure Joe was the same way, we didn’t say oh boy, one day I hope I win more games than anybody. All of the sudden, it’s just there. You’ve got two old men that stayed in it so long and both of them have had a lot of wins. It’s interesting. Joe doesn’t pay much attention to it. I wouldn’t lose one minute of sleep if it doesn’t end of being me.”

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