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    Tuesday, December 02, 2008

    Gator Bowl Dumps Noles For Tigers?

    Although not confirmed, there are reports that the Gator Bowl has decided to go with the Clemson Tigers instead of the Seminoles. Gator Bowl president Rick Catlett called the decision whether to pick FSU or Clemson as "50-50."

    During a meeting, Catlett as reported in The Florida Times-Union indicated that the debate revolved around the Seminoles' 45-15 loss to Florida and their third defeat in five games. He pointed to Clemson's 31-14 victory over South Carolina which was its fourth victory in five games.

    If you clear away all the rhetoric, it is clear that Catlett and the Gator Bowl are looking at economics and who will bring the most dollars into Jacksonville.

    So let's not hear that the Gator is attempting to bring together the two best teams. FSU in my opinion is clearly the better team and Clemson is fortunate to have the economy in a slump. In any other situation, Clemson would be deserving of the "Blue Carpet" bowl or whatever its name is or some other lower tier bowl.

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