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    Wednesday, December 10, 2008

    First Bowl Game Held In 1947 At Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium

    1. The Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium was originally constructed in 1936, with seating for 8,900 people.

    2. The Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium is the home of the annual Capital One Bowl, Champs Sports Bowl, Walt Disney World Florida Classic and formerly was the home to the University of Central Florida football.

    3. The stadium has had five name changes since 1936. (Orlando Stadium ,Tangerine Bowl, Citrus Bowl, Orlando Stadium, and Florida Citrus Bowl)

    4. The first annual bowl game was held in 1947, for the benefit of the Elks and was called the Tangerine Bowl Game.

    5. Orange County and the City of Orlando have committed $175 million for the first-ever renovation to the 70-year old facility that hosts the Champs Sports Bowl. The stadium will begin a major transformation which will be completed by 2012.

    6. The Seminoles hold the third highest attendance record at the stadium that hosts the Champs Sports Bowl of 72,456 when they played Notre Dame in 1994 in the Texaco Star Classic.


    Brian said...

    FYI - UCF doesn't play in the Citrus Bowl anymore since they built its own stadium on campus.

    tallynolefan said...

    Brian, thanks. That is correct. I got that from the Champs Sports Bowl site and should have noticed. Oops.