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    Monday, December 15, 2008

    Won-Loss Record Apparently Doesn't Matter At Auburn

    You know you are on thin ice when both your fans and your most hated rivals' fans are laughing at your recent hire. The hire I am referring to is Auburn's announcement that they have hired Iowa State head coach Gene Chizik as their new head coach.

    Chizik who had a scintillating five wins and 19 losses in two years at Iowa State was apparently the "best" candidate that the Tigers could find to replace Tommy Tubberville. Bama fans are gleeful and Tiger fans are stunned. Among the more qualified candidates that were passed over for this win machine was Buffalo University's Turner Gill.

    Auburn athletics director Jay Jacobs may not only be one of of the dumbest but also one of the most hated guys in Alabama. He has stated that Tubberville was not fired (sure Jay even though Tommy's mother says he was) and had a botched series of interviews with candidates that ended in the hiring of Chizik. That has most observers scratching their heads and asking why. For that Auburn gets my Turkey Of The Week award.

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