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    Thursday, December 18, 2008

    Noles Hold Next To Last Practice In Tallahassee For 2008

    FSU Sports Information Excerpts:

    There is just one more practice left in Tallahassee for the 2008 season and ironically the second-to-last practice seemed a lot like the first one in back in August. With temperatures once again above 80 degrees the Florida State football team spent 12 periods in full pads on the practice fields and then another six inside Doak Campbell Stadium.

    Head coach Bobby Bowden:

    “Well, we will go in the morning (Friday), our last practice before we send them home. I think our preparation has been good so far. The kids had a lot of enthusiasm out there today. A lot good hits, a lot of good catches out there. We had a pretty good 11-on-11 too.”

    On his biggest concern about playing Wisconsin:

    “Can we get the ball back? They are a big, strong, north-south running football team. They are kind of like Boston College. The biggest concern is if you can get the ball. They will take that stinking ball and eat up the clock.”

    LB Toddrick Verdell:

    On what the defense is working on:

    “We’re doing very good as a unit, we’ve been studying a lot of film. We’re planning on being more aggressive against [Wisconsin]. They like to pound the ball and we’ve been practicing for that.”

    On Wisconsin’s running backs:

    “We haven’t really faced an offense that likes to pound the ball. They’ve got a very talented and very big back, there smallest back is like 230 pounds so we’ve been practicing on being aggressive all week long.”

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