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    Tuesday, December 02, 2008

    "Good Old Fashioned Frog Choker"

    * Lee Corso last Saturday picked the Gators in his irritating "closer than the experts think" phrase. Once again he was wrong.

    * ABC announcer Brad Nessler describing the rain as a "good old fashioned frog choker."

    * ABC analyst Bob Griese said that Ponder would have "lots of toys to play with." Nice phrasing Bob.

    * If the game and rain wasn't bad enough, ACC referee was Ron Cherry.

    * Nessler referring to Gator back Jeffrey Demps as "faster than a rabbit in love." Brad is a real wordsmith.

    * You know that Bobby Bowden had little confidence in the game when Bowden told the sideline reporter that hopefully the weather would stop the Gator running game.

    * According to ABC and ESPN, Rolle would at best be a second round pick in the NFL. Don't think he will go that high.

    * In digressing from the topic of the game, Lee Corso discussed Charlie Weis and Notre Dame possibly buying out his contract. Corso suggested the Vatican sell one of its paintings and donate the proceeds to the school.

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