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    Monday, December 01, 2008

    Texas Gets The Shaft

    * Symbol of how bad a day receivers had was when Taiwan Easterling dropped an easy pass in his hands on third down on FSU's first possession of the game. It was all downhill from there.

    * Another sign for how long a day it was going to be was when the Noles recovered a fumble by Gator running back Demps at Gator 14 yard line. Noles had a negative 4 yards for three plays and had to settle for a Gano field goal.

    * It was a relatively quiet week leading up to the FSU-Florida game in terms of trash talking. I think that was indicative of how far apart the talent currently is. Hard to trash talk when you know it is highly unlikely you can back up the talk.

    * Absolutely stupid call by Jimbo Fisher for a fake field goal at end of first half. Bowden later admitted that it was a bad call.

    * To the utter shock of Gator fans who have annointed Tebow as their great one, Tebow would not get my vote if I had one for the Heisman. I would go with Colt McCoy at Texas or Bradford at Oklahoma.

    * Bobby Bowden on his Sunday show said that the stats were close with the exception of the rushing yards. Coach, there was nothing close about that game.

    * ABC crew who called the game could have doubled for the University of Florida broadcasting crew. Not much objectivity by Nessler, Griese, or Maguire.

    * I have to agree with USC's Pete Carroll who said that Oklahoma moving ahead of Texas in the BCS standings didn't make any sense and was wrong in his book. I agree. Texas has gotten the shaft. They defeat Oklahoma at a neutral site and yet they are below Bob Stoops and his Sooner team. I guess the whining from Stoops paid off.

    * A sign that the number of bowls have reached the saturation point is the fact that the Bowl season begins December 20. The new EagleBank Bowl pits a team from the ACC with Navy. On that same day, we also have the New Mexico Bowl, the majicJack St. Petersburg Bowl, and the Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl.

    * Tennessee choosing ex Oakland Raiders head coach Lane Kiffen as head coach to replace Phil Fulmer is a strange pick. He had an abysmal record of 5-15 at Oakland and has no knowledge of the SEC. Lots of luck.

    * Speaking of the SEC, we Noles hear it all the time from Gator fans that the SEC is the best in the nation. Wonder how they can explain that this weekend in four head-to-head games the ACC beat the "mighty" SEC 3 games to 1. Georgia Tech beat Georgia, Wake Forest beat Vandy, and Clemson beat South Carolina. For the season, the ACC won six of the 10 games head-to-head with the SEC this season. And before any reading challenged Gators make any comments, yes I do know your beloved Gators beat the Noles. I am sure some Gator has some "lucid" explanation for how the results don't matter.

    * In my continual rant, ESPN GameDay should get rid of Lee Corso and Kirk "The Homer" Herbstreit. Either that or put clown suits on both of them. I'd settle for Mark May and Craig James. And while they are at it, can Lou Holtz.

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