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    Friday, December 26, 2008

    Will Bucky Be Lucky For Wisconsin?

    I guess the Badger is not on the endangered species list or Wisconsin who is the leader in political correctness would not have it as their mascot. This is the Wisconsin that has a policy that they will not play any team with an Indian mascot. The only exception is in bowl games when money outweighs their political correctness.

    Bucky Badger is the official mascot of the University of Wisconsin–Madison. His full name is Buckingham U. Badger and he attends all major sporting events for the Wisconsin Badgers. Bucky was first drawn by a local Wisconsin artist in 1940. An actual badger from Eau Claire was used at the first few football games that year, but proved to be too fierce to be controlled properly and was retired to the zoo.

    After that, the school replaced the live badger with a live raccoon named Regdab ('badger' backwards). In 1949, a Bucky head-piece was created and a contest was started to properly name the mascot. Bucky wears a cardinal red and white Wisconsin sweater along with a gruff look on his face (the costumed-mascot version is decidedly cheerier, with a beaming smile).

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