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    Tuesday, November 25, 2008

    Black Not Bobby's Favorite Color

    * In a slam against the black uniforms worn in the loss to BC, Bobby Bowden said on his Thursday show last week that FSU didn't look good losing in black. Good point.

    * A caller to Bowden's show also asked about any NCAA rules he might like to see changed and Bowden lamented the celebration penalty. I agree with him on that. Players are not allowed any kind of celebration without drawing a possible penalty. And we all know that the rule is a result of the outlandish behavior exhibited by Miami in the past.

    * It was 26 degrees in Maryland with the wind chill factor. Saw some fans without shirts who may have needed their heads examined.

    * ESPN coverage of Myron Rolle and his Rhodes scholarship was quite impressive.

    * ESPN announcer Ron Franklin commenting that Graham Gano was not a terrorist as they showed him on the sidelines in a ski mask.

    * Note to FSU fan in the stands with a faux Seminole headdress. Lose it.

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