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    Monday, November 17, 2008

    Noles Whipped On Both Sides Of The Ball

    What can you really say about the loss by FSU to Boston College other than to say that the Noles got whipped on both sides of the ball. That by the way was what Bobby Bowden said on his television show. There was no exemplary play by anyone on either side of the ball:

    Offensive Line: The offensive line just did not get the job done as it was clear that BC's defensive players clearly dominated the FSU's offensive line. The Noles could not run and Ponder was hurried all night.
    Grade: D

    Running Game
    : The BC defense stuffed the run and neither Smith or Thomas could get anything going.
    Grade: D

    QB: This was clearly not a good game for Ponder. He looked confused all night and threw three interceptions, one of which was returned for a TD.
    Grade: D

    Offensive Coaching: Nothing was working throughout the night as the Noles had to resort to trick plays to get anything going as in the Parker to Carr TD.
    Grade: D

    : Preston Parker was the leading receiver with 6 catches for 53 yards. The most catches any other receiver has was two. Greg Carr did have a TD coming off a Preston Parker pass.
    Grade: C

    Defense and Defensive Coaching: As I have said before, I am a huge fan of Mickey Andrews but he and his defense have been out coached and outplayed in two out of the last three games.

    The defense did get two fumbles and one interception but they also allowed BC to ground out yards especially in the second half. They made Harris and Crane look really good. The secondary was nowhere to be found again.
    Grade: C-

    Penalties: This is just not worth discussing it seems. At least the Noles did not have as many penalties as the previous game. However, stupid penalties doomed them as in the Derek Nicholson personal foul that prevented the Noles from stopping BC on a third down in the fourth quarter.
    Grade: D

    Special Teams: Graham Gano was able to get his 18th straight field goal but did show he was human when he missed a 50-yarder. He also had a fake punt in which he rushed for 24-yards. Special teams did allow BC to recover an onside kick in first half.
    Grade: C

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