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    Sunday, November 30, 2008

    "... I really wanted to hit somebody extremely hard the next play."

    " I don't think that showed very good sportsmanship. I really told Coach to give me the ball because I really wanted to hit somebody extremely hard the next play."
    Tim Tebow in reaction to apparently some booing when Percy Harvin fell with a right ankle injury halfway through the second quarter as quoted in The Orlando Sentinel

    Note to Tim Tebow: Get over yourself. You need to take a look in the mirror at your Gators who for years have been accepted by most as the worst fans in the country. And it starts at the top with your coaches.


    GatorBait said...

    After some booed??....more accurately would be to say most of the FSU crowd in the stadium booed after a player got hurt, quite classy FSU! Congrats on setting the standard for worst fans in the country. FSU didn't win the game but you got that award!

    So you can stop being bitter about losing the game, oh AND the last five years, and be more accurate and less vague with your rants.

    Go GATORS!

    roblaw98 said...

    Get over yourself ? Tim Tebow is as good a person any of us have ever known. His life is an open book. Much more so than an anonymous blogger enjoying some small amount of notoriety and control by expressing a meaningless opinion on a blog. Is this all you have found to critize him ? Then great ! You know what happened when percy got hurt. Tim is human even though sometimes he doesn't appear to be. He took the unsportsmanlike behavior of the fans and turned it into motivation. Football is a battle on a field. It is only a partially controlled environment and he did what anyone in battle would do. So enjoy the fact that at least a couple of people read your comments and thought enough to respond. Maybe one day when Tim is running for office you will get over YOURSELF and vote for him as he seems to have better qualities than any other athlete or polictician ( or blogger ) than I have ever experienced. Goodbye for now you weird Seminole fan.

    tallynolefan said...

    If you want to put Tebow on a pedestal go ahead. I could care less what his motivation is and I do know that Gator fans are the worst in the country roblaw98. I was simply making a comment on his idiotic quote. Did you not read my other blog posts regarding Tebow? Maybe you have a literacy problem if you didn't. You and GatorBait reflect accurately what Gator fans are- simple minded, stupid, and a lack of class. By the way, if you don't like my meaningless opinions, don't read them. I could care less.

    tallynolefan said...

    By the way guys, if you want to talk about class, talk about Charlie Ward and Warrick Dunn. Tebow's name would never be used in the same sentence with those two guys. Ward and Dunn would never have made the idiotic comment that Tebow made. To my knowledge, the FSU players were not booing Harvin so why would the "infallible" Tebow assert himself into the situation? Could it be his overinflated ego?