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    Friday, November 21, 2008

    Gano Perfect On The Road

    * The two most productive quarters for the Terps have been the second and third quarters. For the Noles, their two most productive quarters have been the second and fourth quarters.

    * Maryland has scored 25 TDs while FSU has scored 40. Maryland has scored 20 or 80% of its TDs at home. FSU has scored 14 or 35% of its TDs on the road.

    * In two of their three losses, the Terps had under 100 yards rushing. In one of their three losses, the Noles were under 100 yards rushing.

    * Maryland has lost 8 fumbles while the Noles have lost 9.

    * Maryland averages 40.8 yards a game in penalties while the Noles average 75.7 yards per game.

    * Maryland's reception yards leader Darrius Heyward-Bey has scored 3 of his 5 TDs at home. FSU's reception yards leader Greg Carr has scored 1 of his 3 TDs on the road.

    * FSU-Maryland common opponents: Clemson, Wake Forest, NC State, and Va. Tech:

    Maryland beat Clemson 20-17. FSU beat Clemson 41-27.

    Maryland beat Wake Forest 26-0. FSU lost to Wake Forest 12-3.

    Maryland beat NC State 27-24. FSU beat NC State 26-17.

    Maryland lost to Va. Tech 23-13. FSU beat Va. Tech 30-20.

    * Florida State is second in the ACC in time of possession with a little over 31 minutes a game. Maryland is next to last with 28 minutes a game.

    * Graham Gano is 18 for 20 in field goals made. Gano is 100% (11/11) on the road. Maryland's Obi Egekese is 14 for 21 in field goals made. Egekese is 67% (10/15) at home.

    * Gano has made 5 of 7 field goals beyond the fifty and his longest has been for 53 yards. Obi Egekese has had no field goals beyond the fifty and his longest has been for 47 yards.

    * FSU is second in the ACC in kickoff returns averaging 23.34 yards. Maryland is fifth averaging 21.84 yards.

    * Maryland is first in the ACC in punting averaging 42.23 yards a punt. FSU is second averaging 41.48 yards a punt.

    * FSU has returned a punt for a TD. Maryland has no punts returned for a TD.

    * FSU has coverted 55.32% of its third downs on the road. Maryland has converted 46.84% of its third downs at home.

    * FSU is 92.31% in red zone conversions on the road. Maryland is 88% in red zone conversions at home.

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