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    Monday, November 17, 2008

    Noles Try And Correct Mistakes As They Look To Taking On Terrapins

    FSU Sports Information Excerpts:

    Mondays are always better when you are looking back at the mistakes made during a win. Unfortunately that was not the case this Monday night. Florida State spent 12 periods going over this past Saturday’s loss to the Eagles. The Seminoles won’t spend much time focusing on last weekend with a trip versus a ranked Terp team looming. Especially since FSU has lost its last two times it has traveled to Maryland’s Byrd Stadium.

    Head Coach Bobby Bowden:

    On Maryland’s offense:

    “They look good. They’re very comparable to BC. I think if you took all of the teams from the conference and said whose style is like whose, they and BC are very much alike. Good running game, good strong running game, and they’ve got an excellent passer at quarterback and excellent receivers. They’re a good football team.”

    Offensive line Coach Rick Trickett:

    On the offensive line’s performance against Boston College:

    “On the film, we had about four runs that’d probably going to go for touchdowns like we have been in the weeks before. We’ve got one guy that don’t get his guy. We’ve got one guy, hits a guy, falls down, the guy runs over the top and makes the play. We told him earlier in the game, ‘don’t cut, stay up.’ We went rat trap out there, what I call rat trap. The techniques, the things that we’ve been teaching, it didn’t even look like the same bunch. You just go back out here at square one tonight. They got the message tonight, I promise you, they’re going to get a bigger one tomorrow.”

    Injury Update
    : The results of the MRI on the left knee of safety Darius McClure was not available at the end of practice on Monday.

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