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    Tuesday, November 18, 2008

    Missed Assignments Common In Secondary

    * Bobby Bowden said this week that the black uniforms are mainly worn for Nike who pays a lot of money each year to FSU. I say ditch them or have Nike design a uniform with FSU colors.

    * Bobby Bowden indicated that Jimbo Fisher was kicking himself over the pass play call that resulted in a fourth-quarter interception. He indicated that Fisher regretted not continuing to run the ball. Hope that was not the only play that Fisher regretted.

    * Ron Cherry was the referee for the FSU-Boston College game. He has not exactly been a fan favorite with Noles or other ACC fans for that matter. There are even "Ron Cherry Sucks" t-shirts for sale on the net.

    * It was nice to hear Brent Musburger say that the Seminole tribe strongly endorses the Seminole nickname. Refreshing to hear in this age of silly political correctness.

    * How many times this year have we seen easy touchdowns by opponents due to missed assignments by the secondary?

    * Is it just me or did Kirk "The Homer" Herbstreit sound very cheerful when FSU was losing or making a mistake?

    * Stat of the half: FSU had 4 rushing yards.

    * Kirk "The Homer" Herbstreit seems to have a man crush on BC defensive coordinator Frank Spaziani. Wonder if they went out for a latte after the game?

    * Never saw so many missed tackles by FSU defense. They made Montel Harris look very good.

    * Awful pass interference call on Noles in third quarter that allowed BC to keep the ball and drive the ball down the field for a field goal.

    * Lack of discipline and control was clearly shown by Derek Nicholson's personal foul. After the Noles had stopped BC on third down, the penalty gave BC a first down with 6:33 to go in the game.

    * Sun Sports analyst Keith Jones was saying that huge runs by BC was something that FSU defense could not let happen. Really Keith?

    * It looked as if Greg Carr could have prevented a third interception by Ponder in the end zone if he had gotten physical.

    * Talk radio on Monday wanted to skewer Mickey Andrews and make excuses for Jimbo Fisher. In my opinion, Fisher was as much to blame for the loss as Andrews.

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