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    Thursday, November 13, 2008

    " Well, that's America for you...."

    "Well, that's America for you, isn't it."
    Bobby Bowden's response when asked if the brawl incident seems to be a weekly situation for his team as quoted in The Tallahassee Democrat

    Note: No. This is not "America for you" coach. This is an example of players who may think they will not be disciplined harshly by a coach who seems much too cavalier in his attitude and actions.


    Ryan said...

    I don't think it is appropriate for you or anyone to pass judgment on these players until all information comes out. The only specific player I've seen mentioned was Taiwan Easterling, who was apparently suckerpunched by one of the fraternity brothers. What if it was completely unprovoked? Should Taiwan be suspended for getting punched by someone else? Should Taiwan's friends (other WRs) not support and defend him?

    If they didn't defend him with a little show of force, other people would just walk all over our players. We talk about how our players need to be tougher on the field, but then we get angry when they aren't pushovers off the field.

    Let's wait until all the information comes out before passing judgment on a situation that none of us saw. The law, and public opinion, should not be guilty until proven innocent.

    tallynolefan said...

    I have not passed judgment on anyone. I was making a comment on Bobby Bowden's statement which is typical of him. His dismissal of the brawl as "that's America for you" is indicative of his attitude.

    I will defer my judgment until the facts are fully known. If it is found that the players were responsible, I will voice my opinion and running stadium steps or one game suspensions will not be the answer.

    I have seen interviews of students interviewed on a local station that said the players started the brawl but I will wait to see if that in fact is true.

    I find your defense of the players troubling when you don't know the facts either-what you have accused me of doing. I do know that players know the difference regarding their behavior off the field vis-a-vis on the field.

    We as fans should not defend these kinds of actions ever. And let's all remember that there has been a pattern of behavior exhibited by some FSU players. This is not a first time occurence.

    If there is player culpability, we need a head coach and a university that will do the right thing and show that this type of behavior will not be tolerated.