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    Tuesday, November 25, 2008

    FSU Defense Played Hard For Four Quarters

    * Lee Corso and Kirk "The Homer" Herbstreit on ESPN's Gameday both picked Maryland against the Noles. Not surprising really. These guys in my opinion are a joke.

    * Everette Brown had a great sack on the first Maryland drive.

    * Speaking of Brown, he ought to patent his spin moves.

    * Corey Surrency has been disappointing. He had two dropped balls and both in the end zone.

    * FSU's kickoff coverage team hopefully will put in some extra time for the Gators. They need it.

    * Jimbo Fisher called the option play and Ponder executed it well against Maryland.

    * One thing that can be said for Ponder. He doesn't mind taking a hit.

    * Nice clip by ESPN of former NBA great and ex senator Bill Bradley congratulating Myron Rolle on his Rhodes scholarship.

    * It was nice to see the FSU defense snap back from a horrible BC game. It was also nice to see the defense stop Maryland from scoring at the end of the game.

    * And in other college news, can someone tell me why Charlie Weis shouldn't be fired at Notre Dame? Bet Tyrone Willingham would like to know why also.

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