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    Saturday, November 15, 2008

    Noles Taken Down By Eagles 27-17

    The Noles apparently don't like the idea of success. Earlier in the day Wake Forest was beaten by NC State which gave the Noles a clear path to the ACC Atlantic Division title. They were clearly in charge of their own destiny.

    However, that was met head on by a BC team who wanted the game a lot more than the Noles. It was highlighted by Christian Ponder with three interceptions who seemed confused most of the night and a Nole defense who couldn't tackle or stop their back or quarterback.

    And the irony of all ironies, the BC victory was sealed by a kicker who couldn't kick straight in previous games. And to top the ironies off, the leading rusher for the Noles was kicker Graham Gano.

    With two games remaining in the regular season, one has to wonder if the Noles might be headed to their third straight year with just 7 wins.

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