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    Thursday, November 13, 2008

    Costumed Mascot Would Love To Fly Like An Eagle

    Prior to 1921, Boston College did not have an official mascot. Between 1905-1910, the student body began voicing the desirability of having a mascot. Briefly, they toyed with the idea of using the owl as mascot, but this never caught on. 1920 was a year of great success for the track team and certain students suggested the antelope. However, the enthusiasm for this choice soon lagged as well.

    Then, as goes the college lore, a certain "Old Man" suggested the eagle and the rest is history.

    Stricter regulations against capturing endangered species and a greater sensitivity about a captured animal's welfare prevented Boston College from again using a live mascot. Instead, Boston College employed a costumed human mascot. The costumed mascot acted less as a symbol and more like a supplementary cheerleader.

    The twenty-first century has brought Boston College two costumed mascots named "Baldwin" and "Baldwin Jr." Baldwin is six and a half feet tall with many bird-like features, including wings with well designed feathers.

    "Baldwin, Jr." is a nine and a half foot tall mascot with inflatable features.

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