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    Saturday, November 29, 2008

    Third Down Conversions Say It All

    First Downs: FSU- 17 Florida- 22

    Net Yards Rushing: FSU- 102 Florida- 317

    Net Yards Passing: FSU- 140 Florida- 185

    Yards Penalized: FSU- 55 Florida- 71

    Third Down Conversions: FSU- 21% Florida- 50%

    Red Zone Percentage: FSU- 100% Florida-86%

    Fumbles Lost: FSU- 1 Florida- 1

    Interceptions Thrown: FSU- 3 Florida- 0

    Sacks Made: FSU-1 Florida- 4

    Field Goals: FSU-3-3 Florida- 1-1


    Stephen said...

    Way to go Noles fans, cheering over Harvin's injury. You guys continue to be the worst, most classless, fair weather fans in college football. Assholes.

    tallynolefan said...

    Have no idea what you are talking about Steve. Do you see anything on here regarding Harvin and his injury? And as a Gator, you have a lot of nerve talking about class. Get a life.