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    Friday, November 14, 2008

    My Buys And Sells For Boston College Game

    Boston College Mascot- The eagle is a magnificent bird but the BC mascot is a cheap costumed wanna be. I am selling.

    Noles will have at least one sack against Boston College- Brown will get at least one and probably more. I am buying.

    Noles will hold Boston College to less than 100 yards rushing-Defense will try and shut down the run and make BC one-dimensional. I am buying.

    Boston College will get an interception- Odds are they will get a pick. Let's hope it is only one and is not costly. I am buying.

    FSU will have 100 yards or more rushing- Between Smith and Thomas, the Noles will hit the century mark. I am buying.

    FSU will have 50 yards or less in penalties-Ok, cut the humor. My sides are splitting. No how no way. I am selling.

    FSU gets at least one interception- Nole secondary needs to step up and get a pick. Maybe home crowd can spur them on. I am buying.

    Gano gets at least one field goal in the game- Gano will get at least his 18th in a row. I am buying.

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